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  • What is the EMTC

    The EMTC was created and is dedicated to four of our dearest friends who have inspired all of us to love and respect each other. They all have left us for a better life, but we will never forget them as long as the EMTC is in existence. When we come together as members and friends, we will always take a moment of silence to remember them. We think of you all fondly everyday. Roland Reiss, Colin Morrish and his life friend Wendy Pointer, and Mike Vercoe. This Club was created to promote friendships through out all of Europe. It has only one objective, to be a Family Oriented Motorcycle Riding Club that uses the Web to communicate and focuses on the Enjoyment and Fellowship of Riding Motorcycles and hanging out while doing so Safely. We are also respectful to our fellow Members. Remember, Respect Given, Is Respect Given Back. The EMTC Forum is a Private Forum for EMTC members and will be monitored by the Forum Moderators.The purpose of the forum is to discuss EMTC plans,events and club related issues. The following guidelines are established to insure the orderly posting of messages and promote the purposes and image of the Euro Motorcycle Touring Club. (1)- Excessive profanity,obscenity and sexually explicit language is not allowed on the EMTC forum. (2)- Threats of bodily harm,either express or implied, are not allowed on the EMTC forum. (3)- Libelous/slanderous statements about others, Local leadership, or the club as a whole, are not allowed on the EMTC forum. (4)- Abusive and harassing messages are not allowed. Similarly, bigotry and hate messages are not allowed on the forum. (5)- Commercial messages are not allowed. This does not apply to member opinions of products, the club store or vendors, or private transactions/sales between members . Qualifying Statement: The EMTC supports the free expression of ideas and opinions by all members and they are encouraged to do so. Any member may express his opinion and or disagreement with other members within the parameters of the forum guidelines: Procedures: (1)- Messages will be monitored by the Forum Moderators. (2)- Violations will be deleted and the Member will not receive a warning from the Forum Moderators. (3)- Repeated violations will result in the member being gagged or locked out of the forum. (4)- Any member of the EMTC who believes he/she has been wrongfully deleted, gagged or locked out by the panel, has the right to a direct appeal to the Administrators. When you sign in and become a Member of EMTC, you agree to ALL the above Rules and Regulations.
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  • Membership

    Membership is FREE. Weather you are a Registered Guest wishing to join for the first time, an existing member wishing to renew your membership, or a former member wishing to rejoin, the procedure is the same. Sign in and complete the registration as requested. If you have any questions, contact us
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  • Welcome New Members, Please read

    EMTC FAQs What is EMTC. EMTC, is more or less a central repository for information and knowledge concerning the enjoyment of new friends and nationalities all around Europe and the world who enjoy touring on a motorcycle. No one is paid for what they do. How did the idea behind EMTC come about? A lot of great information can be found on the Internet about the Euro Touring life. Unfortunately, it was all a bit hard to find. Compiling all of these terrific websites under one common name makes the information you need a LOT easier to find and serves as a central gathering spot for those who share their enthusiasm for Touring Europe This site is maintained entirely by volunteers who are part of EMTC. The list of volunteers can be found in the article "Volunteers Page". The site is supported by the membership for the benefit of all Euro Moto Riders. We welcome vendors who wish to extend special savings to our members. In return, we list these vendors in our Vendors section. If you are a vendor who wishes to extend a special offer to The EMTC, please email your offer to Do these guys get paid for their work? No. EMTC is a web site that is owned by The EMTC . In early Spring 2010 The EMTC was born and now is a fully-functioning club. What are the Forums? It's an on-line discussion forum, very similar to the Bulletin Board Systems of yesteryear. You can post a message or ask a question, and other members/users can read it and respond to it, with everyone else being able to see the responses. Also, you can post pictures, and they will appear as part of your message. Please read the current forum, and search the FAQ's before you ask a question, because it's probably been answered before. I am having problems accessing your site. Who do I send E-Mail to? Send an E-Mail to and he will make sure the problem is resolved, if there is a resolution I have a question, but its not answered here. Send the webmaster an E-Mail, and he will make every effort to answer your questions, or refer you to someone who is more knowledgeable on the subject. If it's something that's not been answered before, it will be placed here in the FAQ.
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    Mon Apr 26, 2010 5:17 am
    Yamamoose Hello to everyone so far
  • Volunteers Info

    The following people volunteer their time to keep this forum fun and entertaining for all who would like to join us. Oliver Verdonck,...France John Madden Jr.,...USA Frank Hinkelmann...Germany
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